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19 February 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

about the Laetus in Praesens website

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A: Website
-- What does Laetus in Praesens mean?
-- Who is responsible for the Laetus in Praesens website and its contents?
-- Who is the author of the documents on this website?
-- Are the articles associated with a particular ideological agenda?
-- What is the purpose, motivation or bias?
-- Are there any succinct quotations to indicate the intent?
B: Themes
-- Why is such a wide range of topics treated?
-- What it the focus/intention of the articles on the website?
-- What is the best way of obtaining an overview of the range of topics treated?
-- How can the site best be searched for articles on particular topics?
-- How outdated are the views of the earlier articles on this site?
-- If it is claimed that this website has no particular ideological bias, why so much on:
-- -- terrorism? | religion? | Chinese culture/Taoism?
-- Why so much focus on metaphor?
C: Style / Content / Method
-- How are such articles designed to be read? Any advice for an impatient reader?
-- Why are the articles relatively long / complex / unreadable?
-- Why is there a mix of "serious / responsible" and "playful / irresponsible" articles? Is that serious?
-- How definitive are the points made in the articles?
-- What methodology characterizes the papers on this site?
-- Why are many arguments presented in a confrontational critical style?
D: Credibility
-- How authoritative are the articles?
-- What knowledge background substantiates the articles on this site?
-- To what academic disciplines do the papers on this site relate?
-- To what extent are the articles subject to peer review?
-- On what basis are the articles produced?
-- Why are so many articles produced?
-- How are the "articles" on this site to be defined? What is their "status"?
E: Publication policy / Audience
-- What is the copyright status of the articles?
-- Are any of the articles published elsewhere?
-- Are there articles produced in the past as yet to be included on this site?
-- For whom are the articles intended?
-- How are these articles publicised for wider readership?
-- Will any of the articles appear in conventional book form?
F: Links / References / Citations
-- Why do the articles have so many links to other documents?
-- Why do the articles cite so many other articles on this site?
-- Why is an accepted standard not used for bibliographical references?
G: Alternative electronic publishing methods
-- Why not use a Content Management System (CMS)?
-- Why not segment the articles into smaller CMS documents?
-- Why not use a blog facility to enable better feedback?
H: Site maintenance and errors
-- Why is this site still "under construction"?
-- Why are so many papers noted as being in "draft" form?
-- Are checks systematically made to repair broken links?
-- Attention to spelling?
-- Errors of fact?
-- How frequently are articles attributed to thematic indexes?
Z: Contact

A: Website

B: Themes:

C: Style / Content / Method

D: Credibility

E: Publication policy / Audience

F: Links / References / Citations

G: Alternative electronic publishing methods

H: Site maintenance and errors

I: Acknowledgements

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