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Network #01

Creativity (Ch'ien)

Metaphors: Force / Primal power / Heaven

Social Creative energy and inspiration may engender new patterns as a result of unrestrained action by a network.


1. Patient caution by the network may be required to avoid premature action. (Resulting in: Encounter).

2. Exertion of a recognized positive influence by the network may be required prior to action. (Resulting in: Fellowship).

3. Attraction of mass support by the network can lead to the temptations of over-ambition. (Resulting in: Careful conduct).

4. The network may be faced with the choice between internal development and external social action. (Resulting in: Subtle restraint).

5. Widespread recognition of the effects of the action of the network on society may result in long-term positive consequences. (Resulting in: Wealth).

6. Catastrophe may result when the network indulges in aspirations exceeding its capacity. (Resulting in: Resolution).

Transformation sequence In order to bear fruit, creativity eventually requires the existence of a receptive environment. (Resulting in: Receptivity).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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