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Sustainable lifestyle #03

Initial difficulty (Chun)

Metaphors: Beginning growth / Sprouting

Social Due to the profusion of changes being brought about, confusing obstacles to the growth of sustainable lifestyle action occur, calling for a cooperative response to bring order out of chaos.


1. The sustainable lifestyle may proceed cautiously in pursuit of its goal by attracting suitable assistance. (Resulting in: Solidarity).

2. The sustainable lifestyle should avoid the obligations entailed by early acceptance of assistance from unexpected sources in times of difficulties. (Resulting in: Limitation).

3. The sustainable lifestyle should renounce immediate objectives that have proved unfruitful due to premature action without adequate guidance. (Resulting in: Accomplishment).

4. Necessary sustainable lifestyle action may be rendered successful, despite inadequate resources, by obtaining appropriate assistance (Resulting in: Following).

5. Its position in society may cause direct action by the sustainable lifestyle to be distorted, necessitating cautious indirect action to overcome the obstacles arising from such misinterpretations. (Resulting in: Recovery).

6. The sustainable lifestyle may cease its struggle due to an acceptance of the initial difficulties as overwhelming. (Resulting in: Assistance).

Transformation sequence When first launched, initiatives tend to be handicapped by inexperience. (Resulting in: Inexperience).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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