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Dialogue #13

Fellowship (T'ung Jen)

Metaphors: Concording people / Vision sharing

Social True fellowship can be brought about within and by the dialogue through the emergence of clear, convincing, and inspiring aims. These should be based upon a concern that is universal and be accompanied by the strength to carry them out. To ensure the appropriate functional relationships amongst diverse elements, an organic mode of organization is required.


1. The dialogue should ensure that the fundamental principles upon which any union is based are equally accessible to all those involved. (Resulting in: Withdrawal).

2. The emergence of exclusive factions based upon self-interest and the rejection of others is a danger to the dialogue and to the achievement of its aims. (Resulting in: Creativity).

3. Mistrust and reservation within the dialogue undermine fellowship, leading to strategies based on guile which engender further alienation. (Resulting in: Spontaneity).

4. Confrontation may reach a point at which the opposing parties are no longer able to act against each other, and in this way the situation of the dialogue is usefully clarified. (Resulting in: Community).

5. Its position in society may cause the dialogue to be able to relate effectively to others who share its fundamental preoccupations only after a long struggle to overcome the obstacles unfortunately separating them. (Resulting in: Normative constraint).

6. The dialogue may be able to engage with others only in a limited alliance based upon mutual interest rather than on a shared approach to universal concerns. (Resulting in: Revolution).

Transformation sequence Through fellowship values emerge, leading to acquisition of wealth. (Resulting in: Wealth).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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