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Transformative conference #16

Enthusiasm (Yu)

Metaphors: Provision for the future

Social A transformative conference can arouse enthusiasm by acting in harmony with the needs of the time and coopting assistance for the completion of an undertaking. Such enthusiasm releases people from the grip of mundane tensions and allows them to express the hidden potentials of their society.


1. When in a position of weakness, the transformative conference invites misfortune if it makes enthusiastic claims about its own connection with those in positions of power. (Resulting in: Crisis preparedness).

2. The transformative conference should not allow itself to be misled by illusory manifestations of enthusiasm, but should be sensitive to the emerging tendencies of the time, acting self-reliantly in response to those in positions of strength or weakness. (Resulting in: Liberation).

3. The transformative conference must choose the right moment to act, for otherwise either the opportunity will be lost or else it will become unnecessarily dependent on an external leader capable of engendering enthusiasm. (Resulting in: Conscientiousness).

4. The transformative conference can arouse enthusiasm and cooperation through its own self-confidence and the sincere support it gives to those who collaborate with it. (Resulting in: Receptivity).

5. The transformative conference can be obstructed in its ability to engender enthusiasm, but this may usefully prolong its existence by preventing it from depleting its energies. (Resulting in: Congregation).

6. Being misled by false enthusiasm may constitute a valuable learning experience for the transformative conference, provided it is subsequently capable of further development. (Resulting in: Progress).

Transformation sequence Where enthusiasm persists, a following emerges. (Resulting in: Following).

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