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Sustainable community #18

Remedial action (Ku)

Metaphors: Corruption / Decay / Obsolescence

Social Inertia, indifference and the abuse of human freedom lead to deterioration of the sustainable community or society and call for decisive, energetic action, if regeneration is to occur.


1. Deterioration due simply to rigid adherence to conventional patterns of action may easily be remedied, provided that the sustainable community is conscious of the dangers associated with any such reform. (Resulting in: Conservation).

2. The deterioration may be the result of inherent weakness, in which case the sustainable community should avoid drastic action so as not to further aggravate the situation. (Resulting in: Inaction).

3. If the sustainable community proceeds somewhat too energetically in rectifying the mistakes of the past, difficulties will arise, but this is preferable to the results of insufficiently vigorous action. (Resulting in: Inexperience).

4. Misfortune will result if the sustainable community is itself too weak to take action against progressive deterioration resulting from past mistakes. (Resulting in: Cultural heritage).

5. Even though it is inadequate to the challenge of past neglect and corruption, the sustainable community may achieve partial success with the assistance of others. (Resulting in: Penetrating clarity).

6. The development of the sustainable community may be such that it is unnecessary for it to engage in any remedial action, provided that, in its withdrawal from mundane affairs, it engenders new values for the future. (Resulting in: Advancement).

Transformation sequence Where there is scope for remedial action, there is growth through initiative. (Resulting in: Initiative).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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