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Network #31

Influence (Hsien)

Metaphors: Conjoining / Wooing

Social Success results from mutual attraction. This may be induced by a network of superior values whose openness to counsel is a fruitful influence on such relationships.


1. Until the intention of the network has a visible effect it has no positive or negative influence on society. (Resulting in: Revolution).

2. The network runs the risk of misfortune if it acts before being impelled to do so by a genuine influence. (Resulting in: Importance).

3. To avoid humiliation, the network should cultivate restraint in selecting the influences to which it responds and should exercise control on the response itself. (Resulting in: Congregation).

4. The influence of the network is most successful and widespread when it results from an appreciation of its intentions rather than from a deliberate effort to manipulate some target group. (Resulting in: Obstruction).

5. If the network's influence is primarily focused on its own actions, such closure to outside influence in turn limits its influence upon society. (Resulting in: Conscientiousness).

6. Any attempt by the network to influence society through words alone is necessarily insignificant and without consequence. (Resulting in: Withdrawal).

Transformation sequence Influence can only be effective if it endures. (Resulting in: Endurance).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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