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Sustainable lifestyle #34

Power (Ta Chuang)

Metaphors: Power of the great / Invigorating power

Social A sustainable lifestyle of superior values may acquire great strength and run the risk of depending upon that strength alone. True power is only exhibited when that strength is used in the service of a higher cause.


1. If the sustainable lifestyle attempts to use its strength from an inferior position it courts disaster. (Resulting in: Endurance).

2. As resistance breaks down, the sustainable lifestyle may easily become self-confident and lose the advantage of balanced use of its force. (Resulting in: Prosperity).

3. The sustainable lifestyle should avoid displays of power for their own sake, especially because of the complications to which they lead. (Resulting in: Elective affinity).

4. When all resistance disappears, the sustainable lifestyle is free to use all its powers, although the less this is apparent the greater its effectiveness. (Resulting in: Peace).

5. When all resistance has disappeared, it is no longer desirable for the sustainable lifestyle to act forcefully and decisively. (Resulting in: Resolution).

6. The sustainable lifestyle should discontinue its initiative if, having proceeded too far in its actions, it encounters complications which hinder any further action. (Resulting in: Wealth).

Transformation sequence Power cannot be restrained indefinitely, hence progressive expansion occurs. (Resulting in: Progress).

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