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Sustainable lifestyle #35

Progress (Chin)

Metaphors: Thriving / Promoting prosperity

Social A sustainable lifestyle may achieve great progress when it is able to influence others to collaborate in the light of superior values. Progress may be accompanied by expansion.


1. The sustainable lifestyle's initiative may fail to meet with a positive response from those calling for progress and it should not run the risk of making mistakes through being perturbed by this. (Resulting in: Decisive action).

2. The sustainable lifestyle should continue in its efforts, even though progress is blocked and inspiration lost, for the latter will return when it can be based on fundamental principles not centred on the narrow preoccupations of the sustainable lifestyle. (Resulting in: Transformation threshold).

3. The sustainable lifestyle may be encouraged by the support of others, even though it is unable to succeed without their assistance. (Resulting in: Marginality).

4. The sustainable lifestyle should avoid the temptation of using its position to accumulate advantages, especially since such abuse tends to be discovered in times of progress. (Resulting in: Deterioration).

5. The sustainable lifestyle should appreciate the values of its influential position in promoting the progress of society, rather than regretting lost opportunities in which its own narrower interests could have been advanced. (Resulting in: Stagnation).

6. The sustainable lifestyle may act aggressively to rectify conditions opposing progress among its own contacts but should be aware of the dangers of such a procedure, particularly when extended to others. (Resulting in: Enthusiasm).

Transformation sequence Progressive expansion eventually encounters resistance leading to decline. (Resulting in: Decline).

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