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Sustainable community #37

Community (Chia Jen)

Metaphors: Family / Collaboration

Social A sustainable community can only influence others effectively when its external initiatives are consistent with its own internal mode of organization. A community context is most favourable to this.


1. Within the sustainable community a measure of discipline is necessary in order that each member learns to fulfil his or her own function to enable the sustainable community to undertake external initiatives successfully. (Resulting in: Development).

2. The sustainable community should concentrate on 'keeping its own house in order' rather than undertaking initiatives based on force. (Resulting in: Subtle restraint).

3. In disciplining itself the sustainable community should seek a careful mean between the excesses of indulgence and severity, although under exceptional conditions the latter may be necessary. (Resulting in: Assistance).

4. In manifesting its principles in a role of stewardship, the sustainable community contributes significantly to the well-being of society. (Resulting in: Fellowship).

5. The character of the principles governing the sustainable community may be such that no disciplinary action is required to achieve the necessary effects (Resulting in: Style).

6. The quality of the achievements engendered by the principles of the sustainable community is the fundamental force holding it together. (Resulting in: Accomplishment).

Transformation sequence When the community context proves inadequate, misunderstandings and opposition arise. (Resulting in: Opposition).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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