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Sustainable community #38

Opposition (K'uei)

Metaphors: Polarization

Social The preservation of the individuality of a sustainable community of superior values can only be achieved through creative opposition to those of inferior values. It on this basis that order is engendered. Faced with opposition and misunderstandings a sustainable community should concentrate on minor initiatives.


1. The sustainable community should avoid the consequences of attempting to ensure unity through forceful action since the temporarily estranged will re-establish contact of their own accord and those who impose themselves will eventually drift away. (Resulting in: Transformation threshold).

2. Informal contacts may suffice when misunderstandings prevent the sustainable community from establishing formal relationships with its natural partners. (Resulting in: Decisive action).

3. Despite opposition and discouragement, the sustainable community can succeed if it discovers a trustworthy partner of complementary nature. (Resulting in: Wealth).

4. Although isolated in opposition to others, the sustainable community will eventually succeed through maintaining contact with a natural partner. (Resulting in: Deficiency).

5. The opposition faced by the sustainable community may initially prevent recognition of a trustworthy partner with whom it is beneficial for it to work. (Resulting in: Careful conduct).

6. The isolation experienced by the sustainable community may be due to opposition based upon misunderstanding which once clarified permits fruitful collaboration. (Resulting in: Elective affinity).

Transformation sequence Through misunderstandings and opposition, difficulties and obstructions are created. (Resulting in: Obstruction).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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