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Network #40

Liberation (Hsieh)

Metaphors: Deliverance / Release from tension

Social When a network is liberated from the obstacles which have hindered its initiatives, any remaining problems should be cleared up rapidly without dwelling unduly on the misdeeds of those responsible for the obstacles.


1. After liberation has been achieved, the network should recuperate in peace and refrain from immediate action. (Resulting in: Elective affinity).

2. Full commitment by the network to just action undermines the efforts of those who seek to prevent liberation by influencing those in power. (Resulting in: Enthusiasm).

3. After liberation, the network should take care not to flaunt its successes and thus attract those capable of appropriating them. (Resulting in: Endurance).

4. In anticipation of liberation, the network should disassociate itself from casual collaborators who are liable to discourage offers of support from more deeply committed potential partners. (Resulting in: Controlled threat).

5. To achieve liberation successfully, the network of superior values must avoid affirming any contribution from those of inferior values, thus encouraging them to withdraw. (Resulting in: Adversity).

6. The network will achieve liberation successfully it acts forcefully to remove those of inferior values who have reached key positions of power. (Resulting in: Transformation threshold).

Transformation sequence The process of liberation necessarily results in some loss and deficiency. (Resulting in: Deficiency).

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