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Vision #43

Resolution (Kuia)

Metaphors: Flight / Parting / Breakthrough / Divergence

Social As any struggle against opposing forces begins to bear fruit, a vision should ensure that the resolution of the conflict is based on an amicable union from a position of strength, free from compromise or any concealment of the vision's own defects. It should avoid the use of force and concentrate on the redistribution of the advantages it accumulates.


1. Whilst resistance is still strong, the vision should avoid any hasty implementation of its resolution that could result in major setbacks. (Resulting in: Importance).

2. If the vision is vigilant it engenders attitudes appropriate to cautious resolution of the conflict. (Resulting in: Revolution).

3. If the vision is obliged to maintain relationships with those of inferior values to avoid jeopardizing resolution of the conflict, it will have to endure a period of condemnation by those actively combatting such values. (Resulting in: Vitality).

4. The vision may identify so closely with action to resolve the conflict that its obstinacy raises obstacles and prevents it from benefiting from advice. (Resulting in: Waiting).

5. The efforts of the vision against those of inferior values in positions of power must constantly be renewed, especially because of the obligation to maintain a relationship with them. (Resulting in: Power).

6. When the objective appears to have been achieved, the vision should act resolutely to eliminate any remaining vestiges of the old order, especially those rooted in its own attitudes. (Resulting in: Creativity).

Transformation sequence Resolution and the associated action lead to new encounters. (Resulting in: Encounter).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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