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Vision #44

Encounter (Kou)

Metaphors: Coming to meet / Congress

Social A vision may find itself attracted by initiatives made by those of inferior values. Although apparently harmless, according them recognition allows them to develop, possibly leading to a dangerous condition, unless they are free from ulterior motives.


1. If a measure of acceptance has been accorded to those of inferior values by the vision, they must be constantly held in check to prevent undesirable developments. (Resulting in: Creativity).

2. If those of inferior values have been successfully contained by the vision, care must be taken not to allow them to develop their influence through contact with others unable to maintain such control. (Resulting in: Withdrawal).

3. If the vision is tempted to collaborate with those of inferior values, but is prevented by circumstances from doing so, the errors that are liable to result from such indecision may be avoided by becoming aware of the dangers. (Resulting in: Conflict).

4. If the vision is unable to tolerate those of inferior values, they cannot be called upon for assistance in time of need. (Resulting in: Penetrating clarity).

5. The vision may tolerate and protect collaborators of inferior values, relying solely on the superior qualities of its influence as a means of successfully controlling them. (Resulting in: Cultural heritage).

6. A vision no longer concerned with mundane affairs may be able to tolerate the reproaches of those of inferior values with whom it refuses to associate. (Resulting in: Importance).

Transformation sequence A multiplicity of encounters leads to congregation. (Resulting in: Congregation).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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