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Network #45

Congregation (Ts'ui)

Metaphors: Clustering / Gathering

Social When circumstances promote congregation in society, a network of superior values, to be capable of focusing this process, should ensure that it is itself well integrated. It should also be prepared to counteract uncontrolled consequences.


1. The network can facilitate formation of a group by encouraging individually those that have not yet committed themselves. (Resulting in: Following).

2. The process of congregation is assisted by a recognition of mutual complementarity with which the network should work, rather than acting on the basis of arbitrary decisions. (Resulting in: Adversity).

3. If a group has already formed from which the network is isolated, it can best succeed by allying itself with some of those at the centre, despite the initial humiliation. (Resulting in: Influence).

4. The network is successful when it acts as a focus for a group united for a higher cause. (Resulting in: Solidarity).

5. In acting as a focus for a group, the network attracts some people only because of the influence it acquires in the process; this necessitates special efforts to gain their confidence. (Resulting in: Enthusiasm).

6. If the desire of some to group together is misunderstood, their expression of regret can usefully enable the network to revise its views and bring about the alliance. (Resulting in: Stagnation).

Transformation sequence Congregation creates an environment permitting advancement. (Resulting in: Advancement).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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