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Sustainable policy #46

Advancement (Sheng)

Metaphors: Pushing upward

Social A sustainable policy cycle may benefit from circumstances to rise to a position of influence through unrelenting effort in circumventing obstacles to its progress.


1. In a position of obscurity, the sustainable policy cycle can derive strength and encouragement for its progress from those in position of power, who also benefit thereby from such a link to their origins. (Resulting in: Peace).

2. Even though the sustainable policy cycle is unsubtle in its relationships with others, it may succeed in advancing because of recognition of the strength of its inherent qualities. (Resulting in: Unpretentiousness).

3. In the absence of obstacles, the sustainable policy cycle should take advantage of the opportunity to advance, rather than being preoccupied prematurely with how long such advance will be possible. (Resulting in: Controlled threat).

4. In attaining its goal, the sustainable policy cycle becomes accepted by those in positions of influence and thus achieves enduring significance. (Resulting in: Endurance).

5. The sustainable policy cycle should progress steadily rather than becoming overconfident and impatient. (Resulting in: Basic need).

6. The sustainable policy cycle should take care to avoid committing itself to advancement for its own sake, and thus become unable to retreat when necessary. (Resulting in: Remedial action).

Transformation sequence Continual advancement eventually leads to adversity and exhaustion. (Resulting in: Adversity).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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