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Network #47

Adversity (K'un)

Metaphors: Confinement / Restriction / Oppression

Social Under adverse circumstances a network should accept restraint, whilst remaining true to its principles in anticipation of future opportunities. Such restraint may be due to oppression or to the exhaustion of its own resources.


1. Faced with adversity, the network should overcome its own negative response to the situation which otherwise will undermine its ablity to act. (Resulting in: Vitality).

2. Even though external circumstances are satisfactory, the network must concentrate on overcoming inner restraints in order to be able to respond to opportunities offered by those in power. (Resulting in: Congregation).

3. The network should avoid being oppressed by restraints which are engendered solely by its own indecisive mode of action. (Resulting in: Importance).

4. If endowed with resources it wishes to use for the benefit of others, the network may find itself temporarily impeded by its own uncertainty and the distractions of its peers. (Resulting in: Persistence).

5. Although intent on initiatives for the general well-being, the network may find itself obstructed by those in power, in which case progress comes slowly provided it does not lose its equanimity. (Resulting in: Liberation).

6. The network may be restrained principally by the assumption that any action is fruitless, in which case a change of attitude should enable it to break free. (Resulting in: Conflict).

Transformation sequence Extremes of adversity necessitate a concentration on basic needs. (Resulting in: Basic need).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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