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Network #48

Basic need (Ching)

Metaphors: Well / Upwelling

Social In order to engender appropriate order in society, a network must ensure that this fulfils the basic needs of humanity, rather than those defined by convention. In doing so care is required and excesses should be avoided.


1. If the network dissipates its energies on trivia, it loses all significance for others and will be ignored. (Resulting in: Waiting).

2. If the network neglects to make use of its positive qualities and associates with those of inferior values, it will deteriorate and be unable to accomplish anything of significance. (Resulting in: Obstruction).

3. Under unfortunate circumstances, the network of superior quality may not be known to those in power nor made use of by others. (Resulting in: Persistence).

4. It may be of greater long-term benefit for the network to reorganize itself, even though it is temporarily unable to act. (Resulting in: Importance).

5. Despite the value of the network as a catalyst for social renewal, it is useless unless this potential is translated into practice. (Resulting in: Advancement).

6. The network is of greatest value when as a result of the demands made upon it, it becomes a self-renewing source of inspiration and assistance to all in need. (Resulting in: Penetrating clarity).

Transformation sequence Persisting inequalities in access to basic needs eventually engender revolution. (Resulting in: Revolution).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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