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Sustainable community #50

Cultural heritage (Ting)

Metaphors: Cauldron / Vessel

Social Society is nourished by its cultural heritage, a vehicle through which human values are consecrated. A sustainable community embodying this heritage can succeed by ensuring an appropriate relationship between its existence and its sense of destiny.


1. Irrespective of its humble origins, the sustainable community may succeed if it is prepared to refine and develop its mode of action. (Resulting in: Wealth).

2. The sustainable community should undertake significant initiatives, for even though these may expose it to criticism, the later will not prevent success. (Resulting in: Marginality).

3. If its effectiveness is severely handicapped by lack of recognition, associating the sustainable community with superior values will ensure success when the opportunities emerge. (Resulting in: Transformation threshold).

4. If the sustainable community is inadequate to the challenge it faces, and associates with those of inferior values, its initiatives will probably fail. (Resulting in: Remedial action).

5. If the sustainable community is in a position of influence, and attracts able assistance through the quality of its action, it should then take care not to modify its style. (Resulting in: Encounter).

6. The sustainable community is most successful if the power and severity of its counsel is expressed in a form which others find agreeable. (Resulting in: Endurance).

Transformation sequence The protection of the cultural heritage necessitates crisis preparedness. (Resulting in: Crisis preparedness).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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