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Sustainable community #57

Penetrating clarity (Sun)

Metaphors: Gentle / Subtle penetration / Groundedness / Wind of change

Social A sustainable community of limited resources may best achieve lasting success by acting gradually and persistently towards a clearly defined goal in association with others in a position of power. Its influence results from penetrating clarity of judgement that disempowers those with ulterior motives.


1. The clarity of understanding of the sustainable community may promote indecision when resolute action is to be preferred. (Resulting in: Subtle restraint).

2. Strenuous effort should be devoted by the sustainable community to tracing and eliminating any elusive negative influences by which initiatives are being distorted. (Resulting in: Initial difficulty).

3. Excessive reflection by the sustainable community on a possible initiative undermines its credibility. (Resulting in: Barrier dissolution).

4. The sustainable community is assured of success if, in a position of responsibility, it combines the qualities of experience, unpretentiousness and energetic action. (Resulting in: Encounter).

5. When reforms can be gradually introduced by the sustainable community, this is best done on the basis of careful preliminary study, with corresponding follow-up evaluations of the appropriateness of the action. (Resulting in: Remedial action).

6. If the sustainable community has the ability to trace negative influences to the instigating body, but no longer has the strength to combat it, then such action is best avoided. (Resulting in: Basic need).

Transformation sequence Use of penetrating clarity leads to a sense of vitality. (Resulting in: Vitality).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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