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Transformative conference #58

Vitality (Tui)

Metaphors: Openness / Interaction / Lake

Social A transformative conference can best ensure the injection of vitality into its undertakings by engaging in stimulating interaction with others so as to provide a multi-faceted optimistic basis for its initiatives.


1. The transformative conference may benefit from a self-sustaining sense of vitality and optimism which is not dependent upon reinforcement by others. (Resulting in: Adversity).

2. The transformative conference can avoid regrettable consequences by not indulging in the interaction proposed as stimulating by those of inferior values. (Resulting in: Following).

3. The vitality of the transformative conference should be engendered by it in light of its own values rather than deriving from participation in external distractions in which it may become dangerously absorbed. (Resulting in: Resolution).

4. So long as the transformative conference has difficulty in choosing between the stimulation of dynamics based on superior and inferior values, it remains subject to inner conflicts. (Resulting in: Limitation).

5. The transformative conference should protect itself from association with disintegrative influences, however stimulating, because of the harmful effects they may gradually engender. (Resulting in: Elective affinity).

6. The transformative conference may become so involved in the stimulation of external distractions that it no longer retains any effective control over it own actions. (Resulting in: Careful conduct).

Transformation sequence Vitality in action leads to the dissolution of barriers. (Resulting in: Barrier dissolution).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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