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Sustainable lifestyle #59

Barrier dissolution (Huan)

Metaphors: Flooding / Dispersal / Clearing away

Social A sustainable lifestyle can best dissolve divisive barriers preventing collaboration by promoting awareness of underlying unity and solidarity in a manner which engages emotions engendered by superior values.


1. The sustainable lifestyle should act vigorously to counteract divisive misunderstanding before it has fully taken form. (Resulting in: Essential quality).

2. When the sustainable lifestyle recognizes a tendency on its own part to establish barriers against others, it should make deliberate efforts to remedy the situation through its supporters. (Resulting in: Recognition).

3. Circumstances may be such that the sustainable lifestyle can act best by dissolving all barriers distinguishing itself from others, in order to marshal resources for an initiative in the interest of all. (Resulting in: Penetrating clarity).

4. When acting in the general interest, the sustainable lifestyle can only have a lasting effect if it ceases attaching special importance to its immediate relationships and supporters. (Resulting in: Conflict).

5. When society is fragmented by many barriers, the sustainable lifestyle may provide a powerful idea to dispel misunderstandings, as a focus for the emergence of a new order. (Resulting in: Inexperience).

6. Faced with extreme divisiveness, the sustainable lifestyle may usefully reduce the danger to itself and to its immediate contacts by dispersing in order to re-assemble on another occasion. (Resulting in: Persistence).

Transformation sequence The elimination of barriers cannot continue indefinitely, thus the need for limitation emerges. (Resulting in: Limitation).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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