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Sustainable lifestyle #61

Essential quality (Chung Fu)

Metaphors: Inner truth / Authenticity

Social A sustainable lifestyle may succeed by influencing the most intractable, if it is able to identify with their condition, sincerely affirming the importance of essential qualities that it shares with them. These may take the form of fundamental principles.


1. The power of fundamental principles upheld by the sustainable lifestyle is progressively undermined to the extent that it loses its self-reliance through dependence on secret agreements with others. (Resulting in: Barrier dissolution).

2. Through the fundamental principles which it upholds, the sustainable lifestyle of superior values may exert a far-reaching influence that attracts others without any intent to achieve this end. (Resulting in: Assistance).

3. The vitality of the sustainable lifestyle may be dependent, for better or for worse, on the vagaries of the fundamental nature of its relationship with others. (Resulting in: Subtle restraint).

4. To increase the power of its fundamental principles, the sustainable lifestyle should concentrate on deepening its understanding of superior values governing action beyond the domain of factionalism. (Resulting in: Careful conduct).

5. The sustainable lifestyle in a position of power may succeed in linking others together in a non-superficial manner through the fundamental quality of the multi-faceted influences engendered by its action. (Resulting in: Deficiency).

6. The sustainable lifestyle should be aware of relying on accepted formulas to awaken a shared sense of fundamental solidarity, for such standard appeals may fail when they are most needed. (Resulting in: Limitation).

Transformation sequence Limitation and dependence on essential quality enable actions to be undertaken conscientiously. (Resulting in: Conscientiousness).

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