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Dialogue #63

Accomplishment (Chi Chi)

Metaphors: Undertaking completion

Social Once the transition from the old to the new order has been accomplished with the exception of details, a dialogue should take considerable care to ensure that the harmony with which events evolve during their final phases does not encourage negligence that enables the seeds of an inferior order to take root once again.


1. A successful transition immediately encourages widespread pressure for further development, which the dialogue should resist in order to avoid the dangers of enthusiastically overshooting the goal and jeopardizing all that has been achieved. (Resulting in: Obstruction).

2. Following a successful transition, those acquiring power tend to become arrogant and neglect to offer roles to those wishing to participate, thus encouraging discreditable position-seeking manoeuvres; these the dialogue should avoid in the expectation that appropriate opportunities will emerge in due time. (Resulting in: Waiting).

3. Following successful transition, the dialogue together with others will tend to struggle to expand the new order into neighbouring domains functioning under an old order; any success should not then be undermined by using those of inferior values to control such domains. (Resulting in: Initial difficulty).

4. Following successful transition, the scandals that may come to light, and which are readily forgotten by others, should be treated by the dialogue as important indicators of possible future difficulties. (Resulting in: Revolution).

5. Following successful transition the dialogue should take care to continue the sincere affirmation of superior values, since this tends to evolve under the new order into an elaborate ritual from which significance easily disappears. (Resulting in: Decline).

6. Fascination for the old order, from which a successful transition has been made, may prevent the dialogue from appropriately consolidating what has been achieved. (Resulting in: Community).

Transformation sequence Accomplishment cannot exhaust the potential for further transformation. (Resulting in: Transformation threshold).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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