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Characteristics of phases in 12-phase learning-action cycle

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Tentative adaptation and development from Arthur Young's Geometry of Meaning (1978). See commentary on learning cycles in Cycles of dissonance and resonance. See also adaptation to Typology of 12 complementary strategies essential to sustainable development and to Typology of 12 complementary dialogue modes essential to sustainable dialogue.

Learning phases

Characteristics of phases in 12-phase learning-action cycle
Learning via... Time-binding Unconscious 
Unconscious registration of information Homeostatic equilibrium 
Unconscious adaptation
Auto-catalytic response 
Uncoordinated action 
Victim of discontinuity
Space-binding   Conscious 
Timeless awareness 
Conscious adaptive response 
Comparison with norms or memory of previous experience 
Comparison with previous comparisons 
Awareness of self-awareness 
Transendental discontinuity
Symbol T0 T-1 T-2 T-3
Unintended shift of: 
- perspective 
- position 
- reference 
Displacement of focus
Intentional shift of 
- perspective 
- position 
- reference 
Range of conscious attention span 
"Distance" from object of focus
Acts Abstract Schematic
Observation; act of considering; position determination; reactive learning based on immediate registration of phenomena; assessment of distance; "sizing up"
L /T
Adaptive change; reaction; passive adaptation or change of position in response to changing circumstances
Spontaneous initiation of transformative action; commitment to a new course of action
Control of transformative action
Unconscious impression of significance (see MLT0) ML States Motivated Considered ML
Recognition of moment(ousness), relevance (as related to leverage), significance (as in "matters of great moment"); weight of facts; bringing matters into focus
Recognition of the momentum (of an issue) resulting from a change, namely the consequential transformation of awareness or perspective
Forcefulness engendered, experienced or embodied as a result of transformative action; constructive (or disruptive) action potential; enhanced sense of being
Establishment of disciplined pattern of response; consolidated or harmonious control of action potential; holding forces in check
Subject to an unintended shift of perspective Projection of an intended shift of perspective into reality ML2 Relationships Application Follow-through Commitment ML2
Faith in current paradigm or perception of reality; unexamined or habitual commitment to a process projection or understanding, irrespective of inconsistent disturbing factors
Decision or impulse to act or initiate a process determining the future
Achievement of a desired result by application of understanding (and adjustment of implicit beliefs) in response to external factors; working action on reality 
Power of acquired knowledge; know-how; integrated or embodied experience; capacity (including that of not acting); non-action
Unexplained problems 
External constraints
Mass of information 
Amassed experience 
Internal constraints 
Mass of evidence 
"Matter of fact"
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Extracts from commentaries to Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

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