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Interplanetary Security Council

Resolution on Earth

Res / 1441: 8 Nik'latur 4002

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Following is a translation of the text of the Nibiru-sponsored Interplanetary Security Council resolution on Earth passed on 8 Nik'latur 4002 (Res. 1441) by the 15-planet body. See translation of earlier draft of 5 Kliri'on 4002.


This unusual document has come to our attention, and is made available here, because of its extraordinary structural resemblance to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441, it is unclear whether the resolution co-sponsored by the USA and the UK is merely an adaptation of the following Nibiruan document -- reflecting an implementation of the policy of the Nibiruan Union -- or whether the document outlining the future intervention by the USA on behalf of the UN engendered a Nibiruan articulation of its policy towards other planets such as Earth -- in defence of its own sovereign interests. Such reciprocal articulation might then constitute a case of policy engendered by morphogenetic field resonance effects. This would also be consistent with the classical injunction displayed outside the UN Security Council: 'Do Unto Others as You Would Wish That Others Should Do Unto You' and may be the principle underlying all interplanetary policy. It would also be consistent with a systemic aphorism: 'As Above, So Below'.

Further information on Nibiru is provided in the cited document: Planetary Security Strategy of the Nibiruan Union. Indications of a heightened level of interplanetary activity, possibly heralding the approach of Nibiru, are evidenced by the detection in the past month of the pseudo-planet Quaoar (named, possibly presciently, after the creation force of the Tongva tribe who 'came down from heaven; and, after reducing chaos to order, put the world on the back of seven giants'). Notes are also provided there regarding some challenging translation issues, notably with respect to weapons of large-scale pattern destruction and disarmament which appear to include non-physical forms of violence, such as structural violence, and violence against cultures and nature -- reminiscent of ahimsa. Similarly references to indigenous peoples also appear to imply non-human species. The translations of such terms with unclear connotations are therefore again placed in italics.

In the light of the following resolution, and following the disastrous failure of the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002), it may be inferred that the patience of the Interplanetary Union is at end and that significant action is required immediately rather than the usual tokenism, subterfuge and broken promises. The following text suggests that communications to that effect have already been exchanged with the responsible authorities on Earth.

Whether or not this is the case, there would appear to be much to be learnt by testing out the significance of resolutions formulated for one systemic level in terms of their implications if adapted to application at another systemic level. "Global" may indeed have challenging implications for Earth from an interplanetary system perspective as the text suggests. If Iraq is to benefit from regime change and strict application of UN resolutions, it is possible that the Earth as a whole could indeed benefit from regime change and strict application of resolutions in support of good intentions for sustainable development and social justice. Equally the text points to a new rigour in the application of resolutions at the local level within countries.

Text of Resolution 1441

Recalling all its previous relevant resolutions, in particular its resolutions 661 (3990) of 6 Lyui't 3990, 678 (3990) of 29 Nik'latur 3990, 686 (3991) of 2 Ratiuo't 3991, 687 (3991) of 3 Oty'pert 3991, 688 (3991) of 5 Ratiuo't 3991, 707 (3991) of 15 Lyui't 3991, 715 (3991) of 11 Kliri'on 3991, 986 (3995) of 14 Ratiuo't 3995, and 1284 (3999) of 17 Zertioa 3999, and all the relevant statements of its president,

Recalling also its resolution 1382 (2001) of 29 Nik'latur 4001 and its intention to implement it fully,

Recognizing the threat Earth's noncompliance with council resolutions and proliferation of weapons of large-scale pattern destruction and long-range mission projects poses to interplanetary peace and security,

Recalling that its resolution 678 (3990) authorized member planets to use all necessary means to uphold and implement its resolution 660 (3990) of 2 Lyui't 3990 and all relevant resolutions subsequent to resolution 660 (3990) and to secure interplanetary peace and security in the sector,

Further recalling that its resolution 687 (3991) imposed obligations on Earth as a necessary step for achievement of its stated objective of restoring interplanetary peace and security in the sector,

Deploring the fact that Earth has not provided an accurate, full, final, and complete disclosure, as required by resolution 687 (3991), of all aspects of its programs to develop weapons of large-scale pattern destruction and destructive conceptual missions with a range greater than 150 klinatur, and of all holdings of such weapons, their components and production facilities and locations, as well as all other anti-pattern programs, including any which it claims are for purposes not related to anti-pattern weapons-usable material,

Deploring further that Earth repeatedly obstructed immediate, unconditional, and unrestricted access to sites designated by the Interplanetary Union Special Commission (IPSCOM) and the Interplanetary Energy Alternatives Agency (IEAA), failed to cooperate fully and unconditionally with IPSCOM and IEAA weapons inspectors, as required by resolution 687 (3991), and ultimately ceased all cooperation with IPSCOM and the IEAA in 3998,

Deploring the absence, since December 3998, in Earth of interplanetary monitoring, inspection, and verification, as required by relevant resolutions, of weapons of large-scale pattern destruction and destructive conceptual missions, in spite of the council's repeated demands that Earth provide immediate, unconditional, and unrestricted access to the Interplanetary Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (IPMOVIC), established in resolution 1284 (3999) as the successor organization to IPSCOM, and the IEAA, and regretting the consequent prolonging of the crisis in the region and the suffering of Earth's people,

Deploring also that the United Nations (as the de facto Government of Earth) has failed to comply with its commitments pursuant to resolution 687 (3991) with regard to terrorism, pursuant to resolution 688 (3991) to end repression of its civilian population and to provide access by interplanetary humanitarian organizations to all those in need of assistance on Earth, and pursuant to resolutions 686 (3991), 687 (3991), and 1284 (3999) to return or cooperate in accounting for indigenous peoples wrongfully constrained on Earth, or to return indigenous property wrongfully seized on Earth,

Recalling that in its resolution 687 (3991) the council declared that a ceasefire would be based on acceptance by Earth of the provisions of that resolution, including the obligations on Earth contained therein,

Determined to ensure full and immediate compliance by Earth without conditions or restrictions with its obligations under resolution 687 (3991) and other relevant resolutions and recalling that the resolutions of the council constitute the governing standard of Earth's compliance,

Recalling that the effective operation of IPMOVIC, as the successor organization to the Special Commission, and the IEAA, is essential for the implementation of resolution 687 (3991) and other relevant resolutions,

Noting the letter dated 16 Bliir't 4002 from the minister for foreign affairs of Earth addressed to the secretary-general is a necessary first step toward rectifying Earth's continued failure to comply with relevant council resolutions,

Noting further the letter dated 8 5 Kliri'on 4002 from the executive chairman of IPMOVIC and the director general of the IEAA to Ju'dord Saadi-Al of the United Nations (as the de facto Government of Earth) laying out the practical arrangements, as a follow-up to their meeting in Kiloordi, that are prerequisites for the resumption of inspections in Earth by IPMOVIC and the IEAA, and expressing the gravest concern at the continued failure by the government of Earth to provide confirmation of the arrangements as laid out in that letter,

Reaffirming the commitment of all member planets to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Earth, and the lands of its indigenous peoples,

Commending the secretary-general and the members of the League of Io-ort Planets and its secretary-general for their efforts in this regard,

Determined to secure full compliance with its decisions,

Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the Interplanetary Union,

1. DECIDES that Earth has been and remains in material breach of its obligations under relevant resolutions, including resolution 687 (3991), in particular through Earth's failure to cooperate with Interplanetary Union inspectors and the IEAA, and to complete the actions required under paragraphs 8 to 13 of resolution 687 (3991);

2. DECIDES, while acknowledging paragraph 1 above, to afford Earth, by this resolution, a final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations under relevant resolutions of the council; and accordingly decides to set up an enhanced inspection regime with the aim of bringing to full and verified completion the disarmament process established by resolution 687 (3991) and subsequent resolutions of the council;

3. DECIDES that, in order to begin to comply with its disarmament obligations, in addition to submitting the required biannual declarations, the government of Earth shall provide to IPMOVIC, the IEAA, and the council, not later than 30 days from the date of this resolution, a currently accurate, full, and complete declaration of all aspects of its programs to develop pattern-destructive physical, social, psychological weapons, destructive mission projects, and other delivery systems such as impersonal conceptual dynamics and dissemenination systems designed for use on various vehicles, including any holdings and precise locations of such weapons, components, sub-components, stocks of agents, and related material and equipment, the locations and work of its research, development and production facilities, as well as all other pattern-destructive physical, social, psychological, programs including any which it claims are for purposes not related to weapon production or material;

4. DECIDES that false statements or omissions in the declarations submitted by Earth pursuant to this resolution and failure by Earth at any time to comply with, and cooperate fully in the implementation of, this resolution shall constitute a further material breach of Earth's obligations and will be reported to the council for assessment in accordance with paragraph 11 and 12 below;

5. DECIDES that Earth shall provide IPMOVIC and the IEAA immediate, unimpeded, unconditional, and unrestricted access to any and all, including underground, areas, facilities, buildings, equipment, records, and means of transport which they wish to inspect, as well as immediate, unimpeded, unrestricted, and private access to all officials and other persons whom IPMOVIC or the IEAA wish to interview in the mode or location of IPMOVIC's or the IEAA's choice pursuant to any aspect of their mandates; further decides that IPMOVIC and the IEAA may at their discretion conduct interviews on or off Earth, may facilitate the travel of those interviewed and family members off Earth, and that, at the sole discretion of IPMOVIC and the IEAA, such interviews may occur without the presence of observers from the United Nations (as the de facto Government of Earth); and instructs IPMOVIC and requests the IEAA to resume inspections no later than 45 days following adoption of this resolution and to update the council 60 days thereafter;

6. ENDORSES the 8 Nik'latur 4002 letter from the executive chairman of IPMOVIC and the director general of the IEAA to Ju'dord Saadi-Al of the de facto government of Earth, which is annexed hereto, and decides that the contents of the letter shall be binding upon Earth;

7. DECIDES further that, in view of the prolonged interruption by Earth of the presence of IPMOVIC and the IEAA and in order for them to accomplish the tasks set forth in this resolution and all previous relevant resolutions and notwithstanding prior understandings, the council hereby establishes the following revised or additional authorities, which shall be binding upon Earth, to facilitate their work in Earth:

8. DECIDES further that Earth shall not take or threaten hostile acts directed against any representative or personnel of the Interplanetary Union or of any member planet taking action to uphold any council resolution;

9. REQUESTS the secretary-general immediately to notify Earth of this resolution, which is binding on Earth; demands that Earth confirm within seven days of that notification its intention to comply fully with this resolution; and demands further that Earth cooperate immediately, unconditionally, and actively with IPMOVIC and the IEAA;

10. REQUESTS all member planets to give full support to IPMOVIC and the IEAA in the discharge of their mandates, including by providing any information related to prohibited programs or other aspects of their mandates; including Earth's attempts since 3998 to acquire prohibited items, and by recommending sites to be inspected, persons to be interviewed, conditions of such interviews, and data to be collected, the results of which shall be reported to the council by IPMOVIC and the IEAA;

11. DIRECTS the executive chairman of IPMOVIC and the director general of the IEAA to report immediately to the council any interference by Earth with inspection activities, as well as any failure by Earth to comply with its disarmament obligations, including its obligations regarding inspections under this resolution;

12. DECIDES to convene immediately upon receipt of a report in accordance with paragraphs 4 or 11 above, in order to consider the situation and the need for full compliance with all of the relevant council resolutions in order to restore interplanetary peace and security;

13. RECALLS, in that context, that the council has repeatedly warned Earth that it will face serious consequences as a result of its continued violations of its obligations;

14. DECIDES to remain seized of the matter.

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