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May 1996

Cultivating the Songlines of the Noosphere


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Contributions to the first Members Meeting of the Club of Budapest Budapest, May 1996.
Includes sections reproduced from the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential
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From presentations by representatives to embodying presence in transformation (Report on the meeting) [PHP version]


8.1 Transformative,conferencing
8.2 Levels of dialogue
8.3 Learnings for the future of dialogue
8.4 Conceptual weaknesses of conferencing
8.5 Metaphors of transformation in conferences
8.6 Structure of concluding declarations
8.7' Policy  forums as metaphors
8.8 Meeting participant contract

Envisioning conferencing

9.1 Aesthetics of governance
9.2 lnsights from music
9.3 Insights from poetry and painting
9.4 Insights from drama and dance
9.5 Insights from architecture
9.6 Current possibilities of implementation

Poetry-making and Policy-making

12. 1 Prospects for an arranged marriage
12.2 Overtures of the Beast
12.3 Overtures of Beauty
12.4 Voice of the Matchmaker
12.5 Poetic configuration of policy guidelines
12.6 Enhancement of policy through key poetic insights
12.7 Vision of a poetic policy project
12.8 Envisioning the policy-making experience of the future
12.9 Policy discourse through metaphor
12.10 Cultivating new conceptual languages
12.11 Inventing reality through configured imagery
12.12 Magic, miracles and image-building
12.13 Future role of computer audio-visual technology

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