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12 May 2004 | Draft

Using Research in the Participative Orchestration of Europe


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Presentation for Panel IV: Research and Development / Sustainable Environment / Quality Management
Eurovisioning Conference: Redesigning Europe in the Third Millennium: a new sustainable vision of democracy (Budapest, 15-17 May 2004)
This topic of this paper was subsequently developed in much greater detail in
Animating the Representation of Europe

A. European multiple personality disorder

B. Imagining Europe

European identity

Metaphoric impoverishment : a cognitive challenge (cf Lakoff and Johnson)

C. Conceptual challenges for a multi-facetted Europe

Managing meaningful differences (rather than the endless quest for meaningless consensus)

New styles of thinking - beyond "project logic"

D. Practicalities

Practicalities of participatory democracy

Social experiments

E. Research specifics

Beyond text: visualization / sonification

Simulation / Gaming - and failures of European intiatives

Articulating the systemic linkages underlying the EU Constitution -- meaningfully

F. Contextual support

Research and intelligence

Art and science

Cultural disposition of Hungary: providing an alchemical melding of art and science. Design vs Composition

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