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27th February 2011 | Draft

Exploration of Prefixes of Global Discourse

Implications for sustainable confidelity

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Alternative clusterings of word-roots
Word-roots prefixed with "con-"
Selected prefixes and their usage in relation to word-roots

Annex A of Primary Global Reserve Currency: the Con?
Cognitive implications of a prefix for sustainable confidelity


The two tables presented below endeavour to highlight the use of prefixes and especially the use of "con" as a prefix. These complement the earlier tables on a more extensive array of prefixes (New Paradigms via a Renewed Set of Prefixes: dependence of international policy-making on an array of operational terms, 2003). Table 2 is reproduced from that study. It should be stressed that these exercises are deliberately exploratory with the intention of scoping out the possibility for more systematic and detailed investigation. Indicative extracts from the tables here are presented in the main paper.

One question is how such information might be more fruitfully presented to encourage investigation and offer an early sense of potentially interesting conclusions. What is the form of presentation of an array of prefixes which would enable new thinking on global discourse of relevance to any global currency? This question is taken up in a second Annex B (Embodiment of Identity in Conscious Creativity).

The first table highlights the "con-words", using one tentative clustering. The second distributes usage of the word-roots between a selected set of prefixes, using a second approach to clustering. The second table, from the earlier research, combines the prefixes, co- and com- with con-, whereas the first considers only the latter.

Notable omissions from the first table are instances of "double" prefixes, such as unconscious. A questionable feature of this preliminary exercise is the inclusion as prefixed "con-words" of words where the root is not a word independent of the prefix (as with the "-scious" portion of "con-scious"). In this respect the case of "-cept" (as in concept") is especially interesting through its etymological relation to "taking in" -- potentially as a prelude to engendering. The tables could of course be enriched in future by indicating frequencies of prefix usage.

Alternative clusterings of word-roots

Two separate approaches were taken in tentatively clustering the items in the tables
Alternative clusterings of word-roots
Table 1 Table 2
  1. Structure / Order / Pattern
    1. Boundednes / Integrity / Identity
    2. Complementarity
  2. Time (Dynamic?)
  3. Focus / Concern
    1. Intimacy / Entanglement
    2. Empathy / Feeling
  4. Agreement / Disagreement
    1. Norm / Patten
    2. Visibility / Salience / Transparency / Trickery / Subterfuge /
    3. Judgement / Opinion / Belief
    4. Discourse
    5. Deprive / Attribute
  5. Engender
    1. Influence
    2. Outcome
    3. Collapse / Fusion
  6. Implication / Meaning
    1. Knowledge
  7. Miscellaneous
  • Attitude
  • Attribute
  • Change
  • Cut
  • Engage
  • Hold
  • Initiate
  • Match
  • Mirror
  • Move
  • Position
  • Relate
  • Shape
  • Verify
  • View

Word-roots prefixed with "con-"

Considerations in identifying words for this table:

Table 1: Word-roots prefixed with "con" juxtaposed with their use with other prefixes
(roughly clustered as indicated in the left-hand column)
Con+root Variants based on other prefixes
whether on noun or verb
(excluding versions with multiple prefixes)
1.0 Structure / Order / Pattern
-join / -jointly conjoin / conjointly adjoin, conjoin, disjoin, enjoin, injoin, interjoin, misjoin, rejoin, subjoin, underjoin, unjoin
-vene / -vention convene / convention circumvention, contravention, intervention, invention, obvention, prevention, subvention, supervention,
-ference conference circumference, deference, difference, inference, interference, preference, reference, transference
-volution / -volute convolution / convolute advolution, circumvolution, devolution, evolution, intervolution, involution, revolution,
-stitution constitution destitution, institution, prostitution, reinstitution, restitution, substitution
-figuration / -figure configuration / configure defigure, disfigure, prefigure, refigure, transfigure
-struct / -struction construct / construction destruction, instruction, obstruction, substruction, superstruction
-tortion contortion detortion, distortion, extortion, intortion, retortion
-gregation / -gregate congregation / congregate aggregation, disgregation, segregation
-clave conclave enclave, exclave, inclave
-verge / -vergence converge / convergence devergence, divergence
-glomeration conglomeration agglomeration
-nect / -nection connect / connection subnect
-terminous conterminous -
-stellate / -stellation constellate / constellation -
-fraternity confraternity -
-sortium consortium -
-catenate concatenate -
-federate / -federation confederate / confederation -
-dominium condominium -
1.1 Boundednes / Integrity / Identity
-traction contraction abstraction, attraction, detraction, distraction, extraction, protraction, retraction, substraction, subtraction
-stable constable bistable, contrastable, instable, intastable, metastable, nonstable, prestable, unstable
-dition condition dedition, edition, extradition, perdition, prodition, redition, sedition, tradition
-tain / -tainer contain / container attain, detain, distain, obtain, pertain, retain, sustain
-strict / -striction / -stringe constrict / constriction / constringe astriction, distriction, obstriction, presstriction, restriction
-strain / -straint constrain / constraint distrain, overstrain, restrain, superstrain, unstrain
-text context intext, pretext
-servation / -serve conservation / conserve preservation, reservation
-tinence continence abstinence, pertinence,
-tact contact intact
-tour contour detour
-valesce convalesce -
1.2 Complementarity
-verse converse adverse, averse, controverse, diverse, everse, inverse, obverse, perverse, reverse, subverse, transverse, traverse, underverse, universe
-sistence consistence absistence, insistence, overinsistence, persistence, resistence, subsistence,
-sonance consonance assonance, dissonance, equisonance, resonance, unisonance,
-silience consilience dissilience, resilience, transilience
-similitude consimilitude dissimilitude, verisimilitude,
-sociation consociation association, dissociation
-tiguity contiguity -
-comitant / -comitance concomitant / concomitance -
-gruence / -gruity congruence / congruity -
2.0 Time
-current concurrent countercurrent, crosscurrent, decurrent, discurrent, excurrent, incurrent, intercurrent, occurrent, percurrent, recurrent, uncurrent, undercurrent,
-secutive consecutive prosecutive, subsecutive
-temporary / -temporaneity contemporary / contemporaneity cotemporary, extemporary
-tinuity continuity -
-tinuum continuum -
3.0 Focus / Concern / Commitment
-fluence confluence affluence, circumfluence, diffluence, effluence, fluence, influence, profluence, refluence, superfluence
-cise concise abscise, circumcise, criticise, excise, incise, precise
-cern concern decern, discern, excern
-dense / -densation condense / condensation -
-centrate concentrate -
-cert concert -
-solidate consolidate -
3.1 Intimacy / Entanglement
-sort consort assort, besort, missort, resort
-specific conspecific nonspecific, subspecific, unspecific
-nubial connubial manubial, pronubial
-sanguine / -sanguinity consanguine / consanguinity ensanguine, exsanguine
-cubine / -cubinage concubine / concubinage succubine
-fidentiality / -fiding confidentiality / confiding -
-genital congenital -
-jugal conjugal -
-cupiscence concupiscence -
-dom condom -
3.2 Empathy / Feeling
-tent / -tentment content / contentment attent, detent, distent, extent, intent, ostent, portent, potent, retent, untent
-temper contemper attemper, destemper, distemper, mistemper, obtemper,untemper
-genial congenial primigenial, primogenial, ungenial
-solation / -sole consolation / console desolation, insolation, isolation
-dolence condolence indolence, redolence
-fidence confidence diffidence, prefidence
-tempt contempt attempt, overtempt
-trition contrition attrition, detrition
-dign condign indign
-niption conniption -
-descension condescension -
4.0 Agreement / Disagreement
-cession / -cede concession / concede abscession, accession, decession, discession, incession, intercession, introcession, precession, procession, recession, retrocession, secession, succession
-vent convent advent, circumvent, event, intervent, invent, prevent, provent,
-cur concur excur, incur, intercur, occur, recur, reincur, transcur
-tract contract attract, detract, distract, extract, protract, retract, subtract
-sent / -senting consent / consenting absent, assent, dissent, present, resent, unsent
-test contest obtest, pretest, protest, retest
-cordance concordance accordance, discordance, recordance
-firm / -firmation confirm / confirmation affirmation, obfirmation
-sension consension dissension, presension
-substantiate / -substantiation consubstantiate / consubstantiation transubstantiate
-flict conflict afflict, inflict,
-front confront affront, effront
-sensus / -sensual consensus / consensual supersensual,
-ciliation conciliation domiciliation
-done / -donation condone / condonation -
-troversy / -troversial controversy / controversial -
-cordat concordat -
4.1 Pattern / Norm
-form / -formity conform / conformity biform, deform, efform, enform, inform, outform, perform, preform, reform, transform, unform, uniform, variform
-stant constant circumstant, distant, instant,restant, substant
-suetude consuetude assuetude, desuetude, insuetude
4.2 Visibility / Salience / Trickery / Subterfuge
-spiracy / -spiration conspiracy / conspiration aspiration, inspiration, interspiration, perspiration, respiration, suspiration, transpiration,
-vert convert revert, divert, subvert, invert, pervert
-juration / -juror conjuration / conjuror abjuration, adjuration, objuration
-spicuous conspicuous perspicuous, transpicuous
-nivance / -nive connivance / connive -
-ceal conceal -
4.3 Judgement / Opinion / Belief
-version conversion adversion, anteversion, aversion, contraversion, controversion, diversion, eversion, extraversion, extroversion, introversion, inversion, obversion, perversion, retroversion, reversion, subversion, transversion,
-scribe / -scription conscribe / conscription ascription, circumscription, description, inscription, prescription, proscription, rescription, subscription, superscription, transcription,
-viction / -vince conviction / convince eviction, reviction
-ceit conceit deceit, receit
-demnation condemnation -
-vict convict
4.4 Discourse
-vocation / -voke convocation / convoke advocation, avocation, devocation, equivocation, evocation, invocation, provocation, revocation, sevocation, univocation
-gress congress aggress, digress, egress, ingress, progress, regress, transgress
-fer / -ference confer / -ference afer, circumfer, defer, infer, prefer, refer
-versation / -verse conversation / converse aversation, malversation, tergiversation
-fess / -fession confess / confession profess
-sult / -sultation consult / consultation insult, result
-fabulate confabulate -
4.5 Deprive / Attribute
-sign / -signment consign / consignment assign, cosign, countersign, design, ensign, obsign, resign, subsign, undersign
-fine / -finement confine / confinement affine, define, diffine, prefine, redefine, refine, superfine
-ferment / -ferral conferment / conferral deferment, preferment, referment
-signify / -signification consignify / consignification adsignify, presignify
-fute confute refute
-fiscate confiscate -
-gratulation congratulation -
5.0 Engender
-cept / -ception / -ceive concept / conception / conceive acception, contraception, deception, exception, inception, interception,misconception, perception, preception, proception, proprioception, reception, superconception, susception,
-fect / -fection confect / confection affection, defection, disaffection, effection, infection, perfection, profection, refection
-coct concoct decoct,excoct, recoct
5.1 Influence
-duce / -ducive conduce / conducive abduce, adduce, circumduce, deduce, educe, induce, interduce, introduce, obduce, produce, reduce, seduce, subduce, traduce, transduce
-duct / -duction / -ductor conduct / conduction / conductor abduct, adduct, deduct, educt, induct, introduct,obduct, product, reduct, subduct, traduct
-crete concrete accrete, decrete, discrete, excrete
-trol control -
5.2 Outcome
conclusion circumclusion, disclusion, exclusion, inclusion, interclusion, occlusion, preclusion, reclusion, seclusion
-gestion congestion digestion, disgestion, egestion, indigestion, ingestion, suggestion,
-found confound infound, profound, refound
-secrate / -secration consecrate / consecration desecrate, obsecrate, unconsecrate
-sequence consequence subsequence
-summate / -summation consummate / consummation missummation
-tagion / -tagious contagion / contagious -
-taminate / -tamination contaminate / contamination
5.3 Collapse / Fusion
-fusion confusion affusion, circumfusion, diffusion, effusion, fusion, infusion, interfusion, intrafusion, perfusion, profusion, refusion, suffusion, transfusion
-flux conflux afflux, deflux, efflux,influx, overflux, reflux, superflux, transflux
-sume / -sumption consume / consumption absumption, assumption, presumption, resumption, subsumption, transumption
-glutination conglutination agglutination, deglutination
-flation conflation inflation / reflation
-flagration conflagration deflagration
-geal congeal -
-globation conglobation -
6.0 Implication / Meaning
-jection jection abjection, adjection, dejection, disjection, ejection, injection, interjection, introjection, objection, projection, rejection,subjection, superinjection, trajection
-tention / -tentious contention / contentious abstention, attention, detention, distention, intention, irretention, pretention, retention, sustention,
-nate / -nature / -nation connate / connature / connation denature, ornature, transnature, unnature,
-notation / -note connotation / connote annotation, denotation,subnotation,
-jecture conjecture dejecture, projecture
-sider / -sideration consider / consideration desideration
-sternation consternation prosternation
-template / -templation contemplate / contemplation -
-strue construe -
-statation constatation -
6.1 Knowledge
-science conscience inscience, nescience, omniscience, prescience, unscience,
-scious conscious lascious, luscious, multiscious, omniscious
-sentient consentient assentient, cosentient, dissentient, insentient, presentient
-cussion concussion discussion, excussion, percussion, recussion, repercussion, succussion
-scientious conscientious overconscientious, unconscientious
-versance conversance -
-noisseur connoisseur -
7.0 Misc
-tingency / -tingent contingency / contingent -
-tribution contribution distribution, retribution,
-venance convenance prevenance, provenance, souvenance
-venience convenience intervenience, prevenience, provenience
-quer / -quest conquer / conquest request, inquest
-vey convey

Selected prefixes and their usage in relation to word-roots

Table 2: Selected prefixes (including "con") and their usage in relation to word-roots
(reproduced from New Paradigms via a Renewed Set of Prefixes, 2003)
. Word-roots Cluster Prefixes
.   . Co- Re- De- Dis- / Di- Pro- /Pre- In- / Im- Ex- / E- A- / Ab-
. . . Com- / Con- Retro- . . . Into- Extro- .
. . . Together / With Repetition Down
From / Away
For / Forward
On / Upon
Out of
Away from
. . . . . . . . . . .
1 -sent(ment) Attitude Consent Resent . Dissent Present(ation) /
. . Assent
2 -script Attribute Conscript Rescript Description . Prescription / Proscription Inscription . Ascription
3 -sign Attribute Consign Resign Design . .Presign Insignia? . Assign
4 -voke Attribute Convoke Revoke . . Provoke Invoke Evoke Avocation
5 -act(ive) Change Coaction Reactive Deactivate Disactive? Proactive Inactive Exact .
6 -duce Change Conducive Reduce Deduce . Produce Induce Educe Adduce /
7 -gress(ion) Change Congress Regress Degress Digress Progress Ingress Egress Aggress
8 -miss(ion) Change Commission Remission Demission Dismiss Promise? Intromission Emission .
9 -spire Change Conspire Respire /
. . . Inspire Expire Aspire
10 -sume Change Consume Resume . . Presume . Exhume? Assume
11 -cede Cut Concede Recede . . Procedure /
. Exceed? Accede
12 -cession Cut Concession Recession . . Procession / Precession . . Accession
13 -cision Cut Concision Rescind? Decision . Precision Incision Excision Abcision
14 -tract Engage Contract Retract Detract Distract Protract Intractable Extract Attract
15 -press(ion) Hold Compress Repress Depress . Prepress Impress Express .
16 -serve Hold Conserve Reserve Deserve Disserve . . . .
17 -tain Hold Contain Retain Detain Disdain? . . . Attain
18 -ject(ion) Initiate Conjecture Reject Deject(ed) . Project Inject Eject Abject
19 -vent(ion) Initiate Convention Re(in)vent . . Prevent Invent Event .
20 -cord Match Concord Record . Discord . . . Accord
21 -fer(ence) Match Confer(ence) Refer(ence) Defer(ence) Differ Proffer / Prefer(ence) Infer(ence) . .
22 -verse Mirror Converse / Covert /
Reverse . Diverse Proverse Inverse /
Extrovert .
23 -volution Mirror Convolution Revolution Devolution . . Involution Evolution .
24 -motion Move Commotion Remote Demote . Promotion . Emote .
25 -port Move Comport Report Deport Disport Proportion Import Export .
26 -position Position Composition Reposition Deposition Disposition Proposition Imposition Exposition .
27 -sist(ance) Position Consist Resist Desist . . Insist Exist? Assist
28 -join Relate Conjoin Rejoin . Disjoin . . . .
29 -late Relate Collate Relate . Dilate Prolate/Prelate . . .
30 -pend Relate Co(de)pend . Depend . Propend/Prepend Impending Expend Append
31 -tend Relate Contend . . Distend Pretend/Protend Intend Extend Attend
32 -tent(ion) Relate Contention Retention Detention Distention Pretention Intention Extention Attention
33 -fect Shape Confection Refect(ory) Defect . Prefect Infection Effect Affect
34 -fine Shape Confine Refine Define . . . . Affine
35 -flate Shape Conflate Reflate? Deflate Dis(af)fection . Inflate . .
36 -form(ation) Shape Conform Reform(ation) Deform(ation) Disformity? Preform / Proforma? Inform(ation) . .
37 -struct Shape Construct Restructure Destruct . . Instruct . .
38 -prove Verify . Reprove . Disprove . Improve . Approve
39 -sure Verify . Re(assure) . . Pressure Insure . Assure
40 -test Verify Contest Retest Detest . Protest/Pretest Intestate? . Attest
41 -validate Verify Covalididate Revalidate Devalidate . . Invalidate . .
42 -ception View Concept Reception Deception . Precept Inception Exception .
43 -spect View . Respect . . Prospect Inspect Expect ? Aspect
44 -vise / vision View . Revision Devise Division Provision/Prevision . . .

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