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Thoughts on Community Arrangements

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In the light of the above, it is useful to consider the activity as a temporary experiment which may, if it is successful, become permanent. A 3 to 5 year experiment is preferable to running the risk of disappointment from over-commitment to the psychological security of a "permanent" community.

2. Space

Communal life, in the sense of one building, may increase tensions where conflicts can emerge uncontained by the above spaces (e.g. over noise, decor, privacy, duties, cleanliness/tidiness level, luxury/necessity level, etc.). The difficulty increases with the number of distinct groups and interests in the community. At some stage a better solution is an appropriate (and slowly changing) mix of communal living (i.e. most facilities shared in one building), partial communal living (some facilities shared in one building), and community living (buildings in the same area, separated by distances varying from metres to kilometres, according to the preferences at a particular time).

3. People

4. Relationships

5. Financial participation

6. Economic viability

7. Control

8. Reason for existence

9. Purpose and principles

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