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1976 | Draft

Intellectual Disciplines and Sciences

Cross-referenced to world problems

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Summary of section reproduced from Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (1976)


This pages serves as the introduction to a PDF document containing the contents of a section which appeared in the Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (1976) and was excluded from subsequent editions. The PDF document (8.5 MB) contains 89 pages.

The document is introduced by a description of the section, followed by an index of 1845 disciplines (14 p.), which are then presented in entries (68 p.). The entries include many cross-references to other disciplines and to other entities, as indicated below.

The whole PDF document has been rendered searchable. Note however that using the index to search for references to entries, it is preferable to use the number portion of the reference (rather than include the preceding letter) since the letter-and-spacing has not been recognized as consistent

Example: D0021 Aeronomy, search for 0021 not D0021, or simply search for Aeronomy or aeronomy.
However the number portion may also be common to that of other entities cross-referenced, and "D" may be recognized as "0". In practice this is self-explanatory.

Discipline entries have codes indicating cross-references to:


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