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Pattern: Network of redefinitions

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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In a context in which a particular form of order is self-reinforcing at all points, the elements constituting that order do not contribute to the redefinition of it or to the emergence of any new pattern. Such pattern emergences occur when the elements are able progressively to redefine their relationship to each other in the light of their past patterning experience.

Physical In a physical environment governed by a fixed plan, the constitutive elements (buildings, traffic, focal points) are perceived as necessarily unchanging in nature. As such they cannot be permitted to contribute to any gradual redefinition of the environment. As such it is difficult to accept that they can contribute to any gradual positive redefinition of the environment through cyclic growth, decay, or adaptation processes. Emergence of new or alternative patterns can only occur when building structures, traffic, etc, adapt to and modify each other's cycles of activity.

Social In a society or group which emphasizes the inculcation of some particular pattern of behaviour and perception, individuals become passive and unable to think or act for themselves. Creative, active individuals and groups can only emerge in a society which promotes networks of decentralized learning instead of emphasizing structured teaching systems.

Conceptual In a conceptual framework which emphasizes the perpetuation of a particular conceptual order or method, the emergence of new viewpoints, challenging and redefining that order, is discouraged. It is through such processes and the emergence of alternative viewpoints that a conceptual pattern is renewed and its development ensured.

Psychic Adoption of a particular mode of thought prevents the emergence of insights. This inhibits personal development through effectively imposing an experiential straitjacket. Greater personal development is encouraged by the use of a network of alternative modes.

Narrower Protection of emerging foci; Presentation of new dimensions; Integrating the historical dimension; Contexts for care of premature perspectives; Local opportunities for perspective activity; Transitional contexts for perspective reorganization; Perspective imitation contexts for developing perspectives; Integration of perspective acquisition and perspective maintenance dynamics.

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