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Pattern: Compensating relationships in parallel

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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A local domain and its boundaries may be protected from fragmentation by preventing fundamental relationships from traversing it. This however results in the disorderly proliferation of a network of local relationships which itself threatens the integrity of the domain. Such local relationships may however be more effectively integrated by providing for reciprocal relationships, traversing the domain in parallel and linking them to the more fundamental relationships by which the boundary of the domain is defined.

Physical Even when ring roads are used to divert through traffic around a local transport area such as a city (or a portion of it), severe congestion results in any network of intersecting streets. This may be avoided by building systems of parallel and alternating one-way roads to carry traffic to and from the ring roads. Cross-streets may be closed to protect neighbourhoods which are defined between the parallel roads if they are an appropriate distance apart (100 to 350 metres).

Social Even when high intensity, non- local communication media are used to deflect such communication around an organization's boundary, severe local communication overload and underuse may result within any communication networks within the organization or community. This may be avoided by developing systems of parallel and alternating unilateral communication pathways to carry information to and from the bounding non-local communication media. Local and specialized groups can effectively define themselves in relationship to such alternating communication pathways.

Conceptual Even when a clearly defined contextual pattern of general concepts is used to filter out irrelevant concepts (which may destroy the integrity of a conceptual domain) confusion may result locally from the proliferation of unordered networks of conceptual relationships thus inhibiting the further development of that domain. This may be avoided by developing alternative systems of assymetric or complementary relationships in parallel as a means of linking locally elaborated concepts into the wider network of general conceptual relationships.

Psychic Even when a person establishes an adequate psychic boundary to unconsciously redirect non-significant incoming perceptions, undesirable confusion may result from the fragmentation of the person's awareness into a network of ad hoc perceptual modes. This may be avoided by developing parallel systems of complementary modes of perceptions as a means of providing continuity of awareness between immediate perceptions and the general patterns of insight within which they emerge.

Broader Encirclement; Context boundary; Sub-domain boundary; Identifiable context; Local interrelationship domains; User-determined specialized communications.

Narrower Standard frameworks; Local relationship loops; Selective interchange axis; Protection of emerging foci; Relationship to indeterminacy; Three-way relationship entrainment; Protected low intensity relationships; Intersection of differently paced communications; Linear relationships enhanced by non-linear processes; Interfacing vehicles of communication and networks of unmediated relationships.

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