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Pattern: Integrating the historical dimension

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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When a domain is properly formed it encodes the earlier stages in its own development, appropriately relating them to current and emerging stages.

Physical When an urban environment is properly designed it preserves structures reflecting the characteristics of its earlier stages of development, appropriately relating them to recent buildings and those planned or in process of construction.

Social When a social group or organizational complex is properly balanced it integrates within it traditional groups (or elderly people), appropriately relating them to contemporary groups (or adults) as well as to new kinds of groups (or the young). Failure to do so creates dangerous rifts in the sense of historical continuity and development within the community.

Conceptual When a conceptual domain is properly formed and balanced it integrates within it the earlier stages in its own development, appropriately relating them to currently accepted concepts and to emerging insights into the probable future development of the domain.

Psychic When a mode of awareness is properly balanced it integrates within it the earlier learning stages in its own development appropriately relating them to those in which confidence is at present placed, as well as to those emerging insights which are as yet only partially understood.

Broader Interchange; Functional cycle; Identifiable context; Network of redefinitions; Adequate variety of cyclic elements.

Narrower Protection of emerging foci; Extended pattern of nuclear interaction; Contexts for care of premature perspectives; Opportunities for perspectives of decreasing activity; Local cultivation of sources of perspective nourishment; Semi-autonomous contexts for perspectives of decreasing activity.

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