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Pattern: Informal context for formal processes

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

Pattern template

A variety of formal processes should be grouped in clusters to enhance interlinking informal processes that ensure a balanced context for both within each cluster.

Physical Workplaces for a variety of employments should be clustered in groups of 10 to 20 around their own courtyards to form an identifiable work community with some collective amenities and nested within a larger community with other services. The work community then provides for a more balanced life outside the house.

Social Groups or task forces with a variety of preoccupations should be encouraged to form into clusters of 10 to 20 such as to reinforce the informal interaction amongst them. The resulting community or network then provides for a healthier degree of functional balance than is normally possible outside non-directive groups.

Conceptual Utilization of a variety of distinct methodologies or conceptual frameworks should be organized into clusters of 10 to 20 such as to reinforce the processes of non- formal interaction amongst them. The resulting network or "invisible college" then provides for a healthier degree of conceptual balance than is normally possible outside contexts of non-deterministic reflection.

Psychic A variety of distinct perceptual frameworks should be grouped into clusters of 10 to 20 such as to reinforce the processes of unconscious integration amongst them. The resulting gestalt then provides for a more balanced mode of awareness than is normally possible in the absence of "seedless" meditation.

Broader Interchange; Activity nodes; Functional cycle; Context boundary; Sub-domain boundary; Identifiable context; Decentralized formal processes; Adequate variety of cyclic elements.

Narrower Adaptive interstices; Local relationship loops; Accessible non-linearity; Principal points of entry; Unstructured common domain; Protection of emerging foci; Access to contained irrationality; Coordination of perspective nourishment; Chain of fundamental transformation zones; Informal local perspective interface zones; Integrated contexts for perspective dynamics; Bounded common small-scale interaction domains; Limitation on number of occupiable temporary sites; Hospitable contexts for perspectives in transition; Minimally-structured perspective control operations; Insight capturing non-linear extensions of structures; Distinct pattern of entry points to complex structures; Functional integration of unstructured internal domains; Blended integration of formal structure and informal context; Minimal distance between related operational control contexts; Transit point location for sources of perspective nourishment; Competitive interaction opportunities transposed to a concrete level.

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