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Pattern: Presentation of new dimensions

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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The development of a domain is facilitated by integrating into its structure contexts in which a variety of new dimensions are represented, whether or not they finally provide a basis for such development.

Physical The development of an urban environment may be facilitated by providing a range of structures linked by pathways within which people can meet to explore new ideas and projects. These may take the form of a university, a community education centre or a conference centre.

Social The development of an organizational complex or community may be facilitated by providing a range of interlinked meeting opportunities within which people can choose to receive or offer ideas or instruction, whether in the form of classes, lectures, conferences, or as a marketplace of projects.

Conceptual The development of a conceptual domain or a body of knowledge may be facilitated by providing a range of interlinked opportunities for the confrontation of different concepts, whether deriving from different levels of education, from different sources of information, or from different ideology or belief systems.

Psychic The development of a mode of awareness may be facilitated by ensuring a range of interlinked conditions within which incompatible perceptions are confronted, whether as paradoxes or deriving from different mind-sets.

Broader Activity nodes; Network of redefinitions; Cycle of relationship reinforcement.

Narrower Local action network; Adaptive interstices; Protection of emerging foci; Low-intensity communication pathways; Complexification of perspective contexts; Small-scale perspective interaction contexts; Minimally-structured perspective control operations; Arrangement of structures ot engender fruitful interfaces; Exposure of structural activities to communication pathway; Integration of perspective acquisition and perspective maintenance dynamics.

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