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Pattern: Local focal points

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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Local coordination within a domain can only be effectively achieved through the formation of appropriately located local focal points.

Physical Local government of communities, with the full participation of inhabitants, can best be ensured by provision of a small town hall for each community of about 7000. This should be located near the busiest intersection in the community. It should provide for a public discussion arena, public services, and community project offices.

Social Coordination of any specialized group or organizational complex, with the full participation of those involved, can best be ensured by creation of a common service environment. This should be associated with the main nexus of communications amongst participants. It should provide an arena for public discussion, common services, and project management facilities.

Conceptual Integration of any specialized conceptual domain or school of thought can best be ensured by promoting the emergence of a common framework, preferably associated with the main nexus of conceptual relationships, to facilitate interrelationships between concepts.

Psychic Integration of any specialized mode of awareness can best be ensured by encouraging the emergence of a focal insight, preferably associated with the main nexus of perceptual relationships.

Broader Activity nodes; Functional cycle; Underdefined processes; Individuality in multiplicity.

Narrower Local action network; Enhancing function of common domains; Small-scale perspective interaction contexts; Bounded common small-scale interaction domains; Exposure of structural activities to communication pathway; Minimally-structured perspective control operations.

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