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Pattern: Partially contained interfaces

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

Pattern template

Physical Arcades and covered walkways.

Broader Interchange; Interconnected structures; Special modes of relationship; Patterning of complex structures; Patterning integrative superstructure; Protected low intensity relationships; Common external context for inactivity; Containment by integrative superstructure; Access to patterns of active irrationality; Functional integration of unstructured internal domains; Arrangement of structures ot engender fruitful interfaces; Harmoniously structured entry point for external communication media; Organization of structures to enhance receptivity to external insight.

Narrower Inter-level zone; Flexible interfaces; Grounded structures; Intermediate position; Inter-level integrity; Partially enclosed internal domains; Focus-oriented communication networks; Hospitability of communication pathways; Emphasizing transitions across boundaries; Variation in size of perspective contexts; Ensuring function of common domain interfaces; Common domain at the focal point of a structure; Enfolded overview domains of minimum proportions; Boundary expansion permitting new level generation; Hospitable interface between structures and external environment; Direct relationship between structures and communication pathways; Overview domains at interfaces of the structure with the external environment; Congruence between spaces defined by the framework and spaces defined by the processes within it.

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