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Pattern: Attractive temporary positions

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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For a temporary position to be attractive, due consideration must be given to the viewpoint it offers, its exposure to agreeable influences, and its proximity to focii of more permanent concern.

Physical Outdoor seats, whether public or private, are useless unless they are positioned with due regard for view and climate.

Social Organizations can usefully permit the emergence of temporary roles which offer participants the opportunity of withdrawing from formal activity, whether to cultivate a sense of perspective, or as a safety valve through which the tensions of organization life may be reduced.

Conceptual Conceptual frameworks can usefully recognize the value of temporary viewpoints, not necessarily associated with any particular framework, from which a sense of perspective may be obtained concerning ongoing conceptual activity. Such viewpoints will not however be taken up unless their inherent interest is recognized.

Psychic Temporary modes of awareness may be usefully adopted as a means of acquiring a sense of perspective on those adopted on a more frequent and regular basis.

Broader Grounded structures; Hospitable common domains; Hospitable transit points; Structure-enfolded insight domain; Focus-oriented communication networks; Common external context for inactivity; Hospitability of communication pathways; Sequence of viewpoint loci within a structure; Ensuring function of common domain interfaces; Context for acknowledgement of past perspectives; Communication pathways enfolded by non-linearity; Sites for grounding perspectives in non-linearity; Hospitable non-linear domain external to structures; Integrating points of perspective into common domains; Appropriate relationship of non-linearity to structures; Hospitable interface between structures and external environment; Competitive interaction opportunities transposed to a concrete level; Relative isolation of structural interface with communication pathway.

Narrower Ambiguous boundaries; Intermediate position.

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