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Pattern: Encouraging emphases

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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The degree to which a space is experienced as congenial depends to a great extent on the manner in which the pervading emphases combine together to define an encouraging environment. This tends to be harder to achieve when some of the emphases are of necessity discouraging.

Physical Natural wood, sunlight, and bright colours are warm, in contrast to other colours which tend to be experienced as depressing and cold. In some way this makes a great deal of difference between the comfort and discomfort of a room.

Social A group is experienced as congenial (or as having "good vibrations") when the sum total of communications and interactions, however contrasted, is felt to be in harmony with its natural development. Unintegrated, destructive communications create the opposite impression.

Conceptual A conceptual space is experienced as excitingly meaningful when all the various interrelationships, however contrasted, combine together to suggest the possibility of their further development as an integrated whole. Unintegrated, incompatible sets of relationships are correspondingly unmeaningful and discouraging.

Psychic An intra-psychic space is experienced as encouraging when all various impressions, however dramatically contrasted, combine together to imply natural possibilities for its further development. Unintegrated, antagonistic impressions are correspondingly depressing and discouraging.

Broader Time binding; Filtered insights; Flexible interfaces; Symbols of integration; Zoning internal domains; Tolerance at level interfaces; Unalienating internal boundaries; Appropriate construction elements; Appropriate conditions for perspective nourishment; Enhancing insight by varying levels of exposure to it; Exposure of input processing context to external insight.

Narrower Domains of insight.

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