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Pattern: Domains of insight

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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Space is partly defined by the particular perspectives of those present. Uniform exposure of a space to awareness serves no useful purpose whatsoever. It destroys the social significance of space and leads to a sense of disorientation and unboundedness.

Physical Pools of light defining a dappled environment, in contrast to unnatural uniform illumination as typified by many modern offices.

Social Domains of shared preoccupation, in contrast to a single general concern which undermines the cohesiveness of distinct groups and prevents them from coming into any meaningful form of existence.

Conceptual Domains of special insights or foci of attention, in contrast to an overriding general awareness which inhibits the development of a variety of specialized conceptual skills.

Psychic Modes of personal insights, in contrast to an overriding general awareness or monopolarization such as to inhibit the development of a variety of particular conditions of awareness.

Broader Different settings; Encouraging emphases; Flexible domain organization; Partially exposed perspective context; Small-scale perspective interaction contexts; Common domain at the focal point of a structure; Appropriate conditions for perspective nourishment; Provision for pathways for automatic communications; Appropriate configuration for perspective interaction; Appropriate configuration for perspective interaction; Organization of structure to provide occupiable sites; Enhancing insight by varying levels of exposure to it; Internal transition spaces enhancing structural entry points.

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