Christian de Laet

(died 13th November 2008, aged 81,
much missed by the many whose lives he touched)
Obituary by Catherine Solyom; Biographical sketch by Wayne Kines
Messages for Susan de Laet via Sylvie Van Brabant
Messages of memories or condolences
Other memories: Nadia McLaren

Christian de Laet Christian de Laet Christian de Laet

A documentary, in preparation by Sylvie Van Brabant, dedicated to Christian de Laet,
may be pre-viewed in demo version (English, French)

This page provides access to various versions of the historic illustrated document, entitled

The Only Thing We Have
a framework for environmental policies

as elaborated by Christian de Laet for the Office of Environment and Conservation
Papua New Guinea (1978, 21 pages):

      • Web page version (2 pages per web page). start
      • Searchable PDF version of whole document, suitable for printing (7mb)

Humanity Must Find Its Humanity

Address to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, 2000


To the environment of man which is precious because it is

The Only Thing We Have