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Laetus in Praesens

Hazards of System Building

Matthew Melko

1. You identify with your system. It cost you blood to build it, and if it is attacked, it is your blood that is being shed.

2. You cannot tolerate tentativeness, suspension of judgment, or anything that does not fit the system.

3. You cannot apprehend anyone else's system unless it supports yours.

4. You believe that other systems are based on selected data.

5. Commitment to systems other than your own is fanaticism.

6. You come to believe that your system entitles you to proprietorship of the entities within it.

7. Since humor involves incongruity, and your system explains all seeming incongruities, you lose your sense of humor.

8. You lose you humility.

9. You accept all those points - insofar as they apply to builders of other systems.

10. So do 1. (P.S. I hope I believe in the cult of fallibility)

Matthew Melko, System Builder (Offered to participants at the Foundation for Integrative Education Conference, Oswego, New York, August 1969; reproduced in Main Currents in Modern Thought, vol. 26, no 2)

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