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of Laetus in Praesens
Laetus in Praesens

Crown Chakra in Virtual Reality: experimental interactive 3D display

Rotating set of 20 rings of 50 heart-petals in gyroscopic movement -- 1,000 petalled lotus

Explanations: Satellite Constellation and Crown Chakra as Complementary Global Metaphors? (2020);
Global Insight from Crown Chakra Dynamics in 3D? (2020)

Access to related displays: With general commentary and technical note
NB: Many alternative ring diameters, colours, rates and directions of movement can be envisaged

Controls: Use cursor to rotate the configuration.
Wireframe checkbox may show internal dynamics; after clicking on image, zooming in/out is possible with right button and cursor; switch viewpoint with PgUp, PgDn; A to reset

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