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of Laetus in Praesens
Laetus in Praesens

Interlocking Torus Dynamics with Complementary Rotations

Experimental interactive 3D display

Explanations: Interlocking tori: combining two alternative representations, 2006;
Enabling Wisdom Dynamically within Intertwined Tori, 2012;
Torc-bearing, Playing-ball, Scoring and Nesting, 2019

Access to related displays: With general commentary and technical note
NB: Many alternative ring diameters, colours, rates and directions of movement can be envisaged.
See other experimental variants with distinctive internal ring dynamics: much faster ring circulation; much slower ring circulation; overlapping ring movement

Controls: Use cursor to rotate the configuration.
Wireframe checkbox may show internal dynamics; after clicking on image, zooming in/out is possible with right mouse button and cursor; switch viewpoint with PgUp, PgDn; A to reset

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