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16 January 2011 | Draft

Bibliography of "Betwixt and Between"

including references to liminality and Neti Neti

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Bibliographical annex to Living as an Imaginal Bridge between Worlds: Global implications of "betwixt and between" and liminality (2011). Previously distributed as Explorations of "Betwixt and Between"


The extraordinary phrase "betwixt and between" -- historically associated with evocative folk tales and myth -- is now widely used in a variety of contexts. This is evident in the references below to those obliged to live "between worlds" to some degree and variously confronted by their contradictions -- also recognized as a "twilight zone". Of particular relevance is any sense of being "caught between worlds" as a "dweller in a twilight zone". The experience is the subject of both serious study and a theme of creative cultural exploration in works of imagination. However the bibliography includes very few of the many references to commentaries from a pagan, wiccan or shamanistic perspective -- readily to be found by web searches.

Additional references are provided at the end of this document, notably with respect to "inside/outside". The items in the bibliography, with the indicative addition of some (of the many) focusing on liminality, can be roughly grouped as follows:


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