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10 March 2003

Nos Morituri Te Salutamus

Salute of Iraqi Citizens to the Coalition of the Willing

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Salute to the Coalition of the Willing

Hail and Salaam to the Coalition of the Willing, to your Leaders, to your Senators, and to your Citizens !

We, the Citizens of Iraq, are gathered here for your entertainment in the first 21st century media circus, to celebrate once again the tradition inaugurated by your forefathers during the time of the Roman Empire -- an empire that your current Leader aspires to emulate.

We who are about to die salute you was the phrase traditionally used by those about to die in the gladiatorial circus arenas of that time. Now millions of you can enjoy the slaughter through the technology with which it is effected. But it remains appropriate that we salute you with those same words -- in the language of that now fallen Empire: Nos Morituri Te Salutamus !

We salute you....

As we die on your TV programmes, kindly brought to you by CNN and its sponsors, we will try to think of you entertained in your homes and bars, eating your popcorn and pizzas with a cool drink -- and switching to Star Trek when our agonies offend your sensibilities or become too boring.

Hail and Salaam to the Coalition of the Willing, to your Leaders, to your Senators, and to your Citizens !

About to Die, We -- men and women, old and young -- of the Iraqi people Salute You

Nos Morituri Te Salutamus !

Iraq War casualties according to Lancet surveys

The first survey (published on 29 October 2004), estimated 98,000 excess Iraqi deaths (with a range of 8,000 to 194,000) from the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq to that time, or about 50% higher than the death rate prior to the invasion. The authors described this as a conservative estimate, because it excluded the extreme statistical outlier data from Falluja. If the Falluja cluster were included, the mortality estimate would increase to 150% over pre-invasion rates.

The second survey (published on 11 October 2006), estimated 654,965 excess deaths related to the war, or 2.5% of the population, through the end of June 2006 (see other estimates and commentaries)

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