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26 May 2004 | Draft

Channelling Awareness through Patterns


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Other religious symbols

Memetic complexes

Most artefacts are energy channelling devices, but we over-identify with the particular patterns and get frozen into its concreteness

Financial flows

Future will be more detached

Conceptual and spiritual constructs

Constructing patterns

Pattern construction now more a function attributed to "decorator" or others

Laying patterns on people -- like spells

Donning / Doffing

Energ flowing along

How it works in the moment

Pattern traps

Why are the patterns on offer unable to sustain

Is togetherness? Isdom


Challenge of attaching meaning

Why / Whether

Pickpocket gang -- play

Equivalent games -- politics

Cookie cutter understanding of human identity

Cookie cutter pattern to cut up reality in ways that enable the complexity of action for which we are competent

Iraq as an exemplification of the deployment of the fix-it mentality



Energy patterns

Patterns of N-foldness

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