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20th July 2006 | Uncompleted

Decorating Pigeon Coops and Animal Farms

Evisceration of values in a global Potemkin society

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A terrifying possibility

That, to some degree at least, declarations of core values (cited as exemplary achievements of humanity, and the welcome fruit of its development):

That, this has been accomplished or largely enabled:

That this process has been disguised by:

That the consequence is sustainable:

Design thought experiment

There is an instructive thought experiment to be perfomed. On the assumption that there is some truth to the above possibility, what might be the strategic design elements required to render it operational?

Having endeavoured to design the outcome envisaged, the experimental question is whether an implementation of such a design would be detectable -- or whether the design itself would ensure that either it was not or that any such possibility

Permanent Members of the Security Council

Convictions and sleaze

Sounding brass and faith-based governance

empty people

empty - mind complementary


cooping people up within cognitive cages

dyson sphere

Inability of those in power to prove that they are not lying

Conspiracy theories

Le Chatelier

AI Projectiles capable of detecting and judging targets -- prior to their execution



cor -- origins

Facade Corps

Dennis Hans. Powell the Star of Bush's "Façade Corps" Democratic Underground, 10 March 2004

premature cognitive closure






Plastic turkey

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