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15 January 2005 | Uncompleted

Envisaging the Gas Ovens of the Future

in memory of those of the past

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The Holocaust,and the genocidal incidents of the last half of the 20th century, suggest that such projects will be repeated -- however much that may be regretted. For a world civilization that has extensively indulged in celebrations of its own humanity and the condemnation of the horrors of the past, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that the probability of future analogues is is ot low. Recent evidence even suggests, as was the case with Germany, that the most advanced technological societies will lead the way in this.

Rather than hope that this will not be the case, there is an argument for endeavouring to understand how it is likely to come about and how its emergence may be recognized -- with the possibility that some may be empowered to counteract such processes. Failure to do so may otherwise catch people unawares -- believing tha the lessons have been learnt and will not be repeated, perhaps on an even larger and more perverse scale.

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